Gallery Artists

Clicking on the artists name will lead you to their website, you can also click on their emails to contact them directly!

Current List of Circle Gallery Artists:

Abigail Anderson-Shine/Custom Handmade Jewelry (Email)


Pelusa Chirinos/Photography (Email)


Penelope Critchlow/Handmade Scarves (Email)


Leislie Dearing/Watercolor (Email)


Chieko Delgado/Custom Cards from her Watercolor Paintings (Email)


Claudia Fletcher/Custom Cards from her Watercolor Painting (Email)


Becky Matli/Watercolor (Email)


Suzie Stach/Pastels (Email


Hilda Vandergriff/Custom Cards from her Watercolor Painting(Email


Kathleen Mattox/Watercolor (Email


Joan Rafel/Handmade Pottery (Email


Melanie Schow/Custom Handmade Wire Wrapped Jewelry (Email


Janet Smith/Custom Handmade Wire Wrapped Jewelry (Email


George Smith/Artistic Photography (Email)